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Pokemon Parooodyy Pokemon Parooodyy Rated Stars sdvbhdysgvdyscsydgcdsvsyj cdssddysydcksdysdcyjsvjgc ,jjwuqwgetwutwwrdsv!!!!!! Rhythm turtlez turtlez Rated Stars sad Rhythm CHIKINZ CHIKINZ Rated Stars sdjnvkysVlyvcyiegl AIDS water AIDS water Rated Stars vfjfgvsfjvgsg HORSE JOKE HORSE JOKE Rated Stars 2 guys make a joke that went too far... PICO'S present PICO'S present Rated Stars First pico animation YAY!!! SprayCan SprayCan Rated Stars A guy spray's the other guy in the face!!! :o Comedy - Original Burp 'n' Vomit Burp 'n' Vomit Rated Stars 2 guys 1 cheese :o Drama The life of a CHICKEN The life of a CHICKEN Rated Stars Its sad what chickens live there life :D Other Grass KILLS Grass KILLS Rated Stars A guy eats grass WHAT HAPPENS???? Comedy - Original Smoking Kills 2 Smoking Kills 2 Rated Stars CLICK and enjoy! Comedy - Original LATE Valentines LATE Valentines Rated Stars This is a short about a valentine that goes horribly uexpected :3 Comedy - Original WEED 4 WEED 4 Rated Stars HERE IT IS!!!! :) Comedy - Original WEED 3 WEED 3 Rated Stars ITS OUT!!!!!!! Comedy - Original WEED part 2 WEED part 2 Rated Stars Its finally HERE!!!! :D Comedy - Original BASHING BASHING Rated Stars AWSOME FLASH filled with violence YEAH!!!!!! :D Comedy - Original WEED part.1 WEED part.1 Rated Stars Guy smkes weed :D Comedy - Original TO THE MOON TO THE MOON Rated Stars Guy blasts to the moon with a SUPRISE!!! Comedy - Original Cigarette Guy Cigarette Guy Rated Stars Guy gets bashed by cigarette smoke LOL Comedy - Original Destructive Destructive Rated Stars A crazy buy Brakes CLOCKS like CRAZY!!! Other 2 Guys 1 BAT 2 Guys 1 BAT Rated Stars Just 1 guy beating up the other wih a baseball Bat LOL! 4 Funny Shorts 4 Funny Shorts Rated Stars $ funny shorts i did for you guys, if your looking for LOLs PLEASE WATCH!! Other